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S.A Alumni Association was formally inaugurated in the year of 2005 which had its first batch. Alumni Association is administered by an Alumni Committee. The alumni association is very active in promoting interactions and camaraderie among the alumni, staff and the management. Besides helping the alumni in all possible ways, it also lends its support to the college to achieve its cherished goals, its vision and mission. Alumni association of the Department has been playing a vital role in developing the student’s knowledge. An interaction program between the aluminies and the current year students is being conducted every year on January 26. During this program career guidance towards the employability of students are discussed. Apart from Various technical skills desired by the employer at different domains, are also discussed for the benefit of the students. The profile of the company in which the alumni’s working is also well discussed for helping the students.

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chennai, india

Formed On : 01 Jan 2005

Members : 1915

Total Events : 9



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